The Program Committee of the American College of Nuclear Medicine invited the submission of original abstracts for the 2015 Mid-Winter Meeting, held January 22-25 in San Antonio, TX. Over 70 abstracts from young professionals (physicians or scientists in training, or in practice within 10 years of graduation) were submitted on aspects of clinical and basic science in nuclear medicine, correlative imaging in radiology, nuclear cardiology and radiation oncology. Accepted abstracts were presented in both oral and poster format.

Best Oral Abstract Travel Grant - Erin Grady
Best Poster Abstract Travel Grant - Simone Krebs
Best Poster Abstract - Pareen Mehta
Best Poster Abstract - Michael Roarke
Best Poster Abstract - Niraj Patel

Winners of the 2015 ACNM Sino-American Exchange Awards

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Presidents Message

Welcome to ACNM,Rathan

ACNM is committed to advancing Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Clinical Practice, Research, Advocacy, develop future leaders and foster national and international collaborations. 

Membership in the college provides access to wide array of educational courses, leadership opportunities for young professionals (United States and International), and access to Clinical Nuclear Medicine – official journal of the college.  The college awards fellowship of the college to distinguished members of the profession around the world and numerous awards to members, residents and students. 

Please join the college and make your impact on the field.

Rathan M Subramaniam
President 2015


Patients and Advocates

ACNM values patients’ input in nuclear medicine practice and formulating health policy to advance the care of patients.

If you would like to volunteer for the ACNM patient advocacy committee, please send an e mail to the college President at

ACNM 2015 Award Winners

Winners at ACNM 2015 meeting for Sino-American Exchange Awards and selected for presentation to Chinese Society of Nuclear Medicine in Shanghai, China in May 2015. There were five additional outstanding presentations in oral and poster presentations (two travel grants for $750 each and three best essay awards for $500 each): Best Oral Abstract Travel Grant - Erin Grady; Best Poster Abstract Travel Grant - Simone Krebs; Best Poster Abstract - Pareen Mehta; Best Poster Abstract - Michael Roarke; Best Poster Abstract - Niraj Patel.

ACNM Publications

Access the latest issue of ACNM's official Journal, Clinical Nuclear Medicine and the official newsletter, the Scanner. Get ready for the latest addition, the Spotlights E-Update!

ATTENTION: Future of Nuclear Medicine Training & Practice

The ABR/ABNM task force for Nuclear Medicine Training has proposed a Nuclear Medicine / Diagnostic Radiology unified pathway training. ACNM is now soliciting member response to the virtual Town Hall and would like your participation. Click the image to fill out the post-webinar survey.

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ABR/ABNM Joint Task Force Proposal

ACNM wants to bring your attention to the important ABR/ABNM proposal for nuclear medicine training in the future and inform ACNM membership of our efforts to date.

In collaboration with ABNM, ACNM held a virtual town hall meeting, for all members of ACNM, to discuss the ABR/ABNM Task Force proposals for the unified Nuclear Medicine / Diagnostic Radiology pathway, on July 20, 2015 at 11 AM EST.  ACNM is now soliciting member response to the virtual town hall and would like your participation.  Click here to fill out the post-webinar survey.

ACNM encourages all members and residents to participate in this survey and help ACNM formulate its response to the ABR/ABNM Task Force Proposals.

International Members & Societies

Upcoming Town Hall Webinar

The next webinar will be on July 20th to discuss the ABR/ABNM Joint Task Force Proposal.  Participants can join the Q & A session at 11 AM, Eastern, by clicking here.  

ACNM Fund for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

  The ACNM Fund is made up of gifts from ACNM's loyal members, supporters, and friends.  One hundred percent of these contributions benefit ACNM members and Residents, paying for grants, awards, stipends and scholarships to advance their education, training and research objectives.  This fund is kept at the Research & Education Foundation for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging and absolutely separated from ACNM operational funds for the life of the fund.


Please generously give at:

ACNM Endowed Funds for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

An endowed scholarship or fellowship provides a permanent and personal way for you to make a difference in the life of a budding physician or researcher.  Gifts that meet a minimum threshold can be named in honor/memory of the donor or his/her designee.  We can help you design an award that serves both the needs of nuclear medicine today and that best represents the legacy you wish to leave on the future of the field.  Your gift can help our awardees turn their dreams into reality, now and into the future.  Contact Education and Research Foundation for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging at 402.507.5125 to further discuss establishing your fund.