2011 Mentor-of-the-Year Award Winner, Charles Intenzo, MD

The ACNM recognized an outstanding individual, Charles Intenzo, MD, Nuclear Medicine Residency Program Director and Division Director, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Division of Nuclear Medicine, Philadelphia PA, with the ACNM Mentor-of-the-Year Award. Dr. Intenzo's personal achievements have been an absolute example of a successful Nuclear Medicine physician, an example that many of his residents would strive to emulate. On more than one occasion, Dr. Intenzo said that he takes pride in how he runs the residency program, and he wants his residents to look back at their residency years and think of those years as the best ones they'd had in their professional careers. Dr. Intenzo’s dedication to his residents and to the field of nuclear medicine are great examples of the true meaning behind this award. The ACNM was exited to present Dr. Intenzo with the 2011 ACNM Mentor-of-the-Year Award.