2015 Mentor-of-the-Year Award Winners

Henkin_MentorClinical Best Mentor of the Year – Robert Henkin

  • Currently a Professor Emeritus at the Loyola University Medical System and has over 30 years of academic practice under his belt
  • Dr. Robert E. Henkin has made numerous contributions to the field of Nuclear Medicine. Impact and contribution can be measured in many ways: mentorship of physicians and technologists, teaching, contributions to the medical literature, advocacy and practice of Nuclear Medicine.
  •  Dr. Henkin has made many contributions to the medical literature in the forms of textbooks, book chapters, original research, guideline documents; a quick PubMed search yielded 109 articles authored by Dr. Henkin. This does not include all of his abstracts/exhibits.
  • He has been a tireless advocate of Nuclear Medicine and has inspired other to understand that it is truly part of our duty as physicians to advocate for Nuclear Medicine and ensure its quality practice.
  • His contributions toward making a Government Relations Fellowship to continue mentoring new advocates for Nuclear Medicine is a testament to his advocacy.
  • In 1990, he was the president of the ACNP and in 2008, he received the ACNP Lifetime Achievement Award.

Best_MentorPersonal Best Mentor of the Year – Nicki Hilliard 

  • Professor and Nuclear Education Online Business Manager at the University of Arkansas College of Pharmacy
  • APhA Board Certification in Nuclear Pharmacy
  • Editor of the internationally-distributed Nuclear Pharmacy e-Newsletter and has played an substantial role in the Nuclear Education Online (internet-based) training of multiple nuclear medicine professionals (residents, faculty, cardiologist, etc.).
  • Speaker for ACNM in the past and recently conducted the first of the new ACNM webinar series.  Her topic was on radiopharmaceutical-drug interactions.