2017 Best Mentor Award Winners

Best Clinical Mentor: Leonard M. Freeman, MD, FSNMMI

Dr. Freeman is awarded the Best Clinical Mentor Award for his dedication to teaching nuclear medicine.   He is currently a Professor of Radiology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the Chief of Nuclear Medicine Montefiore Medical Center (Moses Div.) in Bronx, NY. 

Comments from those who nominated Dr. Freeman:

“Several factors make Dr. Freeman a teacher without peer.  First of all, he has a prodigious memory and impressive command of the material.  When combined with his entry into nuclear medicine in its infancy, he is uniquely able to provide a comprehensive historical survey of each and every topic in nuclear medicine.  Secondly, he has an infectious enthusiasm.  He is palpably excited by the field, which rubs off on the trainees and makes learning pleasurable.  Finally, I have found him to be very generous, kind and thoughtful, always looking for opportunities to advance and promote his former students and colleagues. “
“The highlight of his mentoring is not just fact teaching but creating an unparalleled interest and curiosity to understand the processes which prepared me to find a solution to different circumstances. 
“Dr. Freeman was among the best and wisest clinical instructors I have ever encountered. His level of insight, commitment to teaching, and length and breadth of experience were all instrumental in helping provide me with an exceptional training experience that continues to serve me well in my everyday practice.”

Best Personal Mentor: Rathan Subramaniam, MD, PhD, MPH, FACNM

Dr. Subramaniam is currently working at UT Southwestern Medical, where he serves at the Robert W. Parkey MD Distinguished Professor in Radiology; Professor and Chief, Division of Nuclear Medicine, and the Medical Director, Cyclotron and Molecular Imaging Program.    He is awarded the Best Personal Mentor this year, for selflessly devoting his time to mentoring nuclear medicine professionals while leading a productive personal and professional life while contributing to the Society at large.  

Throughout his career, Dr. Subramaniam has mentored more than fifty medical students, post-doctoral research fellows, residents and clinical fellows who are interested in Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging research. He has also played a pivotal role in Nuclear Medicine education by developing the educational curriculum and lecture series for Nuclear Medicine residents and trainees and as a CME instructor for both national and international Nuclear Medicine education committees. 

Comments from those who nominated Dr. Subramaniam:

“Dr. Subramaniam is an outstanding mentor and has been one of the best personal mentors I have had so far in my post-graduate training in Nuclear Medicine and Radiology. The knowledge and skills he has imparted to me has been a great asset throughout my career path. He is an excellent teacher. He spends remarkable amount of time with his residents and research fellows and go above and beyond to improve their understanding in the field of Nuclear Medicine.”

“He is focused, patient, appreciative and attentive as a mentor. He is genuinely interested in the betterment of all his trainees in their individual medical careers.”