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NRC Advisory Committee on Medical Uses of Isotopes Fall Meeting Summary

September 19, 2017

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) held the fall meeting of its Advisory Committee on Medical Uses of Isotopes (ACMUI) on September 11 and 12, 2017. The ACMUI typically meets for public meetings during the spring and fall of each year and holds public teleconferences as needed. The ACMUI discussed several topics of importance to SNMMI, including nursing mother guidelines, an update to the patient release project, and enhancing communications with the medical community.  

Nursing Mother Guidelines

During the Spring 2017 ACMUI meeting, a subcommittee was formed to review the radiation exposure from diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals including brachytherapy to the nursing mother and child. The subcommittee addressed current guidance, radiation safety, lactation and breastfeeding, precautions for the nursing mother, recommendations, patient information, and other related concerns. The subcommittee received additional recommendations from the full ACMUI and intends to hold a conference call, before the spring ACMUI meeting, to finalize their report.  

Patient Release Project Update

NRC staff, Donna Beth-Howe, PhD, provided an update on the patient release project. In response to the six questions proposed in the April 11, 2017 Federal Register Notice, the NRC received 132 responses, including the society’s. NRC's six areas are listed below. 

  1. Development of an Activity-Based Patient Release Threshold
  2. Clarification of the Time Covered by the Current Dose Limit in 10 CFR 35.75(a) for Releasing Individuals
  3. Appropriateness of Applying the Same Limit on Dose From Patient Exposure to All Members of the General Public
  4. Requirements for Releasing Individuals Who Are Likely To Expose Young Children and Pregnant Women
  5. Requirement for Timely Discussion With the Patient About Patient Isolation to Provide Time for Licensee and Patient Planning
  6. Requirement To Ensure Patients Are Given Instructions Prior to the Procedure

The NRC stated the results of the Federal Register Notice will form a basis for a SECY paper on whether to pursue changes to 10 CFR 35.75. The NRC SECY paper is due December 2017.

Enhancing Communications with the Medical Community

ACMUI member Chris Palestro, MD, reported that the ACMUI is pursuing hosting a session at SNMMI's 2018 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. As previously reported, the ACMUI held an ancillary session,  "What is the Advisory Committee on the Medical Use of Isotopes and What is Its Purpose?" at SNMMI's 2017 Annual Meeting in Denver which was well received and engaging. The ACMUI is exploring developing a session for members (possibly for CE/SAM credit) and is currently seeking feedback on topics of interest to members. SNMMI members are encouraged to submit any suggested topics to

The notice of the next public ACMUI meeting will be published in a Federal Register Notice, but will likely take place in March or April 2018.