2010 ACNM Resident Abstract Awards


  • Travel Grant Award for $750 to Sarika Pamarthy, MD, for “Nuclear Medicine Video Production 101: A Step by Step Guide to a Process that Educates Patients and Trainees.” 
  • Travel Grant Award for $750 to Lenord L. Rivera, MD, for “Role of FDG PET/CT in Follow-up of Patients with Treated Leiomyosarcoma.”
  • Best Essay Award for $500 to Andrei Iagaru, MD, for “A Novel Strategy for Cocktail 18F Fluoride and 18F FDG PET/CT Scan for Evaluation of Malignancy.”
  • Best Essay Award for $500 to Amol Takalkar, MD, for “Common and Unusual Presentation of Sarcoidosis and Potential Role for FDG PET in Diagnosis, Assessing Response to Treatment and Monitoring Disease Status.”
  • Best Essay Award for $500 to John Yang, MD, for “18F FDG PET/CT in Peritoneal Metastasis.”