2009 ACNM Resident Abstract Awards

ACNP would like to congratulate the following award winners during the 2009 ACNP Annual Meeting:

Young Investigator Award Winners

Travel Grant ($1,500) 
Nasrin V. Ghesani, MD 
UMDJN-N.J. Medical School
Correlation of hormone receptor (HR) and HER2/NEU receptor (H2NR) status with peak 18F- FDG tumor uptake, a non-invasive method of disease characterization in breast Cancer.

Simin Dadparvar, MD awarding the Travel Grant Award to
Nasrin V. Ghesani, MD

Best Essay ($1,000) 
P. K. White, III, MS 
PET Imaging Center, BRF. 
PET Brain Imaging for Evaluation of Primary Brain Tumors.

Best Essay Awards ($750) 
Amol M. Takalkar, MD 
Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest Louisiana 
Assessing role of pre Zevalin therapy FDG-PET imaging and In-111 Biodistribution studies for predicting response to Zevalin.

Best Essay Award Winners - Amol M. Takalkar, MD (left) and P. K. White, III, MS

Best Poster Awards ($750) 
Frank Lin, MD 
University of California - Davis
Endovascular Radioembolization therapy: The UC Davis Approach.

Best Poster Award - Frank Lin, MD

2009 ACNP Fellowship

The following individuals were recipients of the 2009 ACNP Fellowship Award:

Richard J. Campeau, MD
Leonie L. Gordon, MD
Gerald A. Mandell, MD
Michael Yu, MD

The ACNP Board of Regents would like to thank these four individuals for their outstanding contributions to the field of nuclear medicine and/or the American College of Nuclear Physicians.

For a list of all the ACNP Fellows, please visit: ACNP Fellowship

ACNP President's Award

Virginia Pappas, CAE
SNM Chief Executive Officer

Nikki Wenzel-Lamb, MBA
SNM Director of Leadership

For more information on this award please visit: ACNP President's Award

ACNP Best Mentor of the Year Award

Terence Beven, MD
Dr. Sue Abreu, ACNP Past President, nominated Dr. Beven for this prestigious award. Read full nomination letter.

For more information on this award please visit: Annual Mentorship Award