Submit an Educational Case

If you would like to submit an educational case, the below information should be sent as attachments to with the subject of email: ACNM Educational Case.

Submissions should include the following information:

  1. Title, authors, and affiliations. Also please include the disclosure information and authorship information as applicable.
  2. Submission should be equal to or less than 500 words double spaced in Times New Roman or Arial 12 font. The submission can be either in sections or as one paragraph. For example, can include the clinical presentation, history, work up, significance of the nuclear medicine study findings, and discussions etc. as needed. The learning objectives of the case are mandatory and should be stated in one or two sentences. The learning objectives and references are not counted towards the word limit and a separate page can be included if needed.
  3. Legend for the submitted images.
  4. Any other comments or additional supporting info can be included at the end.
  5. Up to five images in jpeg, tiff, or bmp format are accepted. Please make sure that all the patient and hospital identifiers are deleted prior to the submission. Also, please use arrows or lines to illustrate the key findings. Color images are accepted for the online publications. If the resolution of the images is unsatisfactory, we will contact you.
  6. If any previously copyrighted or published material is included, it is the responsibility of the authors to obtain appropriate permissions prior to submission.

Upon receipt of the e-mail a confirmation would be sent to the primary author. The case would be reviewed for technical as well as literature content for acceptability or rejection. The submitting author can query for the status of the submission.

If accepted, an e-mail would be sent with instruction regarding acceptability with further instructions regarding copyright transfer etc. and proofs.