Committee on Membership

Committee Charges

  • Serve as a sounding board for SNMMI Staff (Director of Marketing & Membership) that can respond quickly to requests made by staff regarding marketing to membership.
  • Serve as a focus group for marketing to current SNMMI members as well as towards potential new members. 

Current Objectives/Goals

Increase SNM membership by adding new members, retaining current members, improving the value of membership and how that value of membership is perceived.

Objective 1:  Add new members and retain current members.
Objective 2: Improve the value of membership and how the value of membership is perceived.
Objective 3: Evaluate SNM product and services offerings for cost effectiveness or visibility, and consider new offerings for value added revenue.
Objective 4: Improve the relationship with chapters.

Committee Members

Paige Bennett, MD Committee Member
David Brandon, MD Committee Member
Wengen Chen, MD, PhD Committee Member
Thomas L. Collier, PhD Committee Member
Lesley Flynt, MD Committee Member
Munir Ghesani, MD, FACNM, FACR Committee Member
Kathleen M. Krisak, BS,CNMT, FSNMMI-TS Committee Member
Robert S. Miletich, MD, PhD Committee Member
Satoshi Minoshima, MD, PhD Committee Member
Helen R. Nadel, MD FRCPC Committee Member
Todd E. Peterson, PhD Committee Member
Leesa Ann Ross, MA, CNMT, PET, RT(N) Committee Member
Aju Thomas, MD Committee Member
Timothy Turkington, PhD Committee Member
Jian (Michael) Q. Yu, MD, FRCPC, FACNM Committee Member
Mohammed K. Zaidi, PhD Committee Member