New for Technologists! Radiation Safety+ Review and Essentials

October 10, 2017

SNMMI’s new Radiation Safety+ Review and Essentials program provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of radiation safety for nuclear medicine technologists preparing to take the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB) Radiation Safety Exam.

This 7.75-hour program covers radiation physics and instrumentation, dosimetry, mathematics, security and control, shipping and receiving, disposal, emergency procedures, regulations, radiation protection and ALARA radionuclide therapy best practices.

Individual sessions on CT, X-ray, fluoroscopy and MRI are included, as well as topics on optimizing radiation exposure (such as appropriateness criteria, Image Wisely/Image Gently, and special populations).

In addition to the 90 CE questions for the five modules, participants can take a mock exam of 100 questions to prepare better for the NMTCB Radiation Safety Exam. Unlike the CT Exam, there are no specific didactic requirements for those taking this exam.

Program Fee – SNMMI members: $99; non-members: $249 (includes SNMMI membership)

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