ACNM Publications

ACNM is proud to present our membership with 4 publications, which provide information about innovations and recent developments in nuclear medicine, as well as news about ACNM activities and members.


Clinical Nuclear Medicine:  This authoritative journal provides up-to-date information on nuclear medicine that can be readily applied to clinical situations. Written for both generalists and specialists in nuclear medicine, Clinical Nuclear Medicine ensures timely dissemination of data on current developments that affect all aspects of the specialty. The most practice-oriented journal in the field of nuclear imaging, its numerous illustrations show physicians how to apply vital information immediately in their everyday practice. Member instructions for accessing CNM.

Scanner: ACNM's quarterly newsletter, featuring news of ACNM activities, articles of interest to NM practitioners, and other educational material.  PDF format to download and share at the office.

Spotlights: ACNM's bimonthly e-newsletter, featuring articles on recent developments in NM, news of ACNM activities, an online case to view, and other educational material.  Emailed to members. View the latest version with the Spotlights E-Newsletter link on your left. View archives with the link on the right.

Scintillator: NMRO's quarterly newsletter, featuring educational articles for NM residents, as well as news of ACNM and NMRO activities.  PDF format to download and share with residents.